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Our roofing contractors specialize in re-roofing for residential and commercial customers in Florida. First Roofing Pro provides the following roofing service:

#1 Built-up system  slopes & flat roofs, Residential & Commercial. Is a membrane roofing made up of asphalt and felt., also include elastomeric. An elastomeric is any material that has the elasticity to return to its original shape.

#2 Metal System  Sheet metal used in roofing, is made of galvanized steel, stainless steel, monel metal, terne metal, copper or aluminium. Come in a variety of colors.

#3 Tiles Clay or Concrete  Have similar physical properties and installation methods, same come in variety of shapes, sizes and colors.

#4 Asphalt shingles  Those roofs are attractive, versatile and fire and wind resistant, come in a variety of colors.

#5 Roofing Repair and Maintenance  Leaks can occur almost anywhere on a roof and for any number of reasons: Severe weather which brings rain, wind and hail on roofs. MAINTENANCE is the second best offer your customers periodic follow- up inspection and maintenance.

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First Roofing Pro is headquartered in Miami Dade and operates in every county of Florida in emergent cases. Its main services are developed in operation in Miami Dade, Broward and Monroe.